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Before I start putting together a show I have an over arching theme I wish to convey. I wanted to share a side of me that is as much a part of the positive as the negative.

My aim was to expose this side of me in a group of images that were deep but palatable.

My works come from two places love and darkness and this show is the darkest yet since my days in art school.

I feel I'm reaching down into my younger self with all the silence of social isolation. Sifting over my life on where I have come from, where I am, and where I want to go. This series is not what is expected of me but is a part of what makes my lively beautiful flowers so positive and colourful.

Depression for me has been like a thin dark thread woven through the tapestry of my being weighing down some of the best moments. With big positives inevitably come the big negatives crashing and burning right after. Ebbs and flows like my first big art sale or my next art opening. Self doubt has often been incapacitating but at the same time self doubt is important in my life as a need for humility and room to grow no matter how hard growing can be. 

This series is an antidote to the noise of depression and as a way to create space in solitude.

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