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'Great Egret'

Giclee Prints for pre-order

20X20” Limited Edition Paper Print $150

16X16’’ Limited Edition Paper Print $100


Great Egret


    - Packaging of originals is done with the utmost care to ensure safe arrival anywhere. 

    Small to midsize paintings are first wrapped with cardboard around all edges then wrapped in cellophane creating a buffer so nothing touches the surface of the work while in transit.

    Small holes are placed in the cellophane for the artwork allowing for adequate air circulation.

    The work is then placed in a cardboard box padded with tightly packed paper and or bubble wrap ensuring a safe arrival.

    Large works are custom cardboard boxed or crated. works that are cradled will come with cardboard or foam corners to ensure a secure fit.

    Very large works are secured on the back side to create a buffer from the crate and the painting surface ensuring safe arrival.

    Be sure to add an extra week your expected arrival time due to this process.

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